Freelancing - Earn Money Working From Home

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Freelancing - Earn Money Working From Home

Top Freelancing Sites

Freelancing – Earn money working from home. Freelancer, and Freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not committed long-term to an employer. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labour to clients. Individuals work independently and use professional associations or websites to get work.


The Best Freelancing Sites for you to work and earn:

1. Freelancer

The best Platform for you to Work Online to earn and also to hire Freelancers to Work for your Job.

Sign Up as a Freelancer and start earning now!

2. Fiverr

Sign Up to find the perfect Freelance Services for your Business. Get work done faster with confidence. 

Also become an Affiliate and earn more by referring others Here

Fiverr Business

Boost your team with exceptional talent

Set your team up for success every time with the help of freelance talent you can count on.

Join Fiverr Business

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Access a catalogue of verified, trusted talent

Expand your team as needed with experienced freelancers already vetted for business projects.

Manage Teams / Projects / Freelancers from anywhere.

Join Fiverr Business

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Fiverr Learn

Learn From Fiverr

In-Demand Skills. On-Demand Courses!

Join any Course now and learn from Experts!

3. Proofread Anywhere

Leverage Your Word Skills to Build a Solid Work-At-Home Business as a General Proofreader.

Learn the skills YOU need to start your freelance proofreading hustle (and how to gain the confidence and motivation to make it work).

Begin Your Proofreading Course now!

Proofread Anywhere Freelancing

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ (GPTP)

teaches you how to transform your ability to spot errors into a way to generate extra income — from anywhere in the world — even if you have no prior experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millennial, or an employee who hates your 9-to-5 job.

Proofreaders are in demand. Anytime something is put into print, it needs to have another pair of eyes to look it over and catch anything the author missed.

Think novels, textbooks, blog posts, newspapers, cookbooks, resumes… even family Christmas letters. You name it, it needs a proofreader!

Most courses focus on only the mechanics of proofreading but we take you step by step. You can get training on both how to proofread and how to market your services to find clients.

You can’t find this level of training anywhere else… and you certainly won’t find it at such a low cost!

Proofread Anywhere 1 Freelancing

Ready to prepare for a career as a GENERAL PROOFREADER?

Begin Your Proofreading Course now!

It’s up to YOU

to take time to go through each lesson in the course 

and carefully study all the material.

To download all the worksheets and master them.

To hone your skills.

To learn to be efficient.

To make the effort to build quality relationships with potential clients.

To succeed. 

Ready to start your freelance hustle? 

Begin Your Proofreading Course now!

4. Flea Market Flipper

Helping People Create A Profitable Reselling Business Quickly

…no matter how much or how little experience you have.

They flip as a family! That means they go to garage sales, flea markets, use sourcing apps and more to find items that others are looking to get rid of, buy it, and then sell it for a profit!

Flipping is perfect for you if you’re a treasure hunter — you love a good find and a good deal!

LEARN HOW TO Turn Your Passion For Visiting Thrift Stores, Yard Sales & Flea Markets Into A Profitable Reselling Business.

Learn More

 It’s never been easier to make an extra $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 or more buying and selling online in your free time.

Because of flipping, you not only make enough money to do this full time, you also have a lot more time to spend with your kids.

Whether you want to sell small items on eBay or ship big pieces of furniture across the country, you can learn it all with Flea Market Flipper.


They made $79K in sales (mostly on eBay and then Facebook Marketplace is second), and in just 10-15hrs/week.

Their business model is high profit/low volume, which is a little different than most resellers that do high volume/low profit.

Not that one is right or wrong, just different.

They enjoy selling high-profit items because they can sell so many less of them and make the same (or more) profits! Think less listing, shipping and packaging time – which equals more time to do other things with family or spend it how you wish.

It’s Achievable. It’s Doable. It Works.

Save your seat for the workshop. This workshop is completely FREE!

Save Your Seat Now!

Free Video Series / Make $100 This Week Flipping:

Intro Video Series:

How To Make Your First $100 Flipping Used Items In Just 7 Days!

Get Instant Access!

$1 Flip Club:

Learn How to Make Your First $100 from Reselling Old Items This Week!

And do it in less than 15 minutes a day with their $1 Flip Club Challenge!

Their $1 Flip Club is your ticket to making your first $100 from reselling (also known as flipping!) old junk this week! Get started today — it’s only $1 for the whole 7-day challenge! 

Sign Me Up for the $1 Flip Club!

Flipper University: Kid’s Edition:

Turn your kids’ constant requests for new toys into a learning experience when you…

Teach Your Kids How to Make Money to Buy the Things They Want

…while showing them that making money can be a fun family activity! 

Give Your Kids a Financial Advantage Starting Today

FLIPPER UNIVERSITY: Kid’s Edition teaches your child how to hunt for “treasure” and make money to save for the things they want — no matter how old or young they are!

Enroll Your Child in Flipper University: Kid’s Edition Now

Teach My Child How To Make Money Flipping!

5. Yandex Toloka

Earn money online for doing basic tasks on the internet!

Earn money by completing simple tasks online

Yandex.Toloka gives you the opportunity to make money online by performing simple tasks that computers cannot do, like analyzing and rating various web content. For example, you check that a site matches a search query, compare images or help categorize products. It’s easy with Toloka — just pick a task, complete it, and get rewarded. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with internet access and some free time.

Join FREE and Start earning now!

Yandex Toloka Freelancing

What kind of tasks are available?

Side-by-side comparison of pictures, webpages, search results or user interfaces

Choose the best option and mark similarities or differences between two images.

Evaluation of a webpage, image or video related to a search query

Examine a search query and its responses and determine how relevant it is to users.

Field surveys

Check in person whether or not a particular organization is closed or has changed its office hours. Play the role of mystery shopper and leave reviews for stores or cafes.

Search for information online

Find the official website of an organization, add missing details to a product page or collect pictures for a particular topic.

Join FREE and Start earning now! Also earn more by Referring Others to the Program.

Join FREE and Start earning now!

6. Scribie

Audio Transcription, Perfected. 

Transcribe Your Audio / Video files at Lowest Transcription Rates, Per Audio Minute.

Easy To Use, Pay As You Go Service.

Unmatched Features


99% Accuracy

Online Editor


AI Powered Automated Transcripts

Join Scribie as a Transcriber

Submit Application

Take the Online Test

Earn per the Audio hour

Also refer Customers and Earn Commission on the Business generated.

Apply Now!

Try Our Transcription Service Today!

Upload or Import files

Pay by Audio time

Check & Download Transcript

Upload Files and Order Transcripts Online!

7. Truelancer

Hire Top rated Freelancers. Get more work done and spend less.

Hire Top Talent across the Globe with Truelancer Prime.                             

For Freelancer 

Find Jobs

Get Hired

Complete Work

Get Paid4.

For Client

Post Project

Find Freelancers

Review Proposals

Shortlist & Compare Freelancer

Get your Project Done

Sign-up & Create profile 

8. Clickworker

Profit from Your Talents!

Clickworker is always looking for Internet users worldwide who can, for example, create or correct texts, participate in surveys or search and categorize data for us.

How it works: You can sign up as a Clickworker free of charge. You work independently, your schedule is flexible and all you need is a computer and/or mobile device with an Internet connection. You decide when and how much you want to work – on a freelance basis.

Become a Clickworker and Start Earning!

Sign Up Now! 

9. Superpay me

Make money online with free paid surveys today! 

Fast Payments: Within 24 hours

Low Cashout Threshold

Work From Home

Promo Codes & Cash Contests

Free Paid Surveys & Offers

$0.20 Join Bonus

Generous Referral Programm7

Referral Banner

Work from home, at a location and time that suits you. is great for people who want to earn a little extra working from home, for students looking to earn more or stay on top of that student debt, or for anyone who just wants to have some extra cash in their pocket. 90% of our payments are issued in less than 4 hours making us one of the fastest paying survey sites.

Join Free today! 

10. Grabpoints 

FREE Gift Cards for

Watching TV

Answer Surveys

Completing Offers

Downloading apps

You Earn Free Gift Cards or PayPal Cash

Sign Up Now and Start Earning!

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