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This Page contains affiliate links and I will be compensated at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Please read my Disclosure.

Affiliate Income Programs

24 Best Affiliate Income Programs

With growing demands on online shopping and increased competition amongst the multinationals companies for capturing the market share, the concept of affiliate programs in India is getting huge momentum.

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of marketing channel where one promotes the products of any merchant or retailer to increase their sales. The one who promotes the product is called Affiliate or Publisher and the affiliate marketing program can be worked directly between Affiliates and Merchant or through any Affiliate Networks. The person who will ultimately purchase the product is the customer and the affiliates earn a certain percentage of commission based on their sales.

The merchant or Affiliate Network will provide an affiliate link or display banner. Customers visit merchant websites through your affiliate link and purchase any product you will earn a certain percentage of commission. The percentage of the commission depends upon the product or merchant.

You can join these Affiliate Programs and start Earning Now!

Happy Earning! 

1. Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate, and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use, and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters.

Millions of organizations around the world count on Google Workspace for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing, and more.

Gmail for Business Affiliate Income Programs

Here are some highlights:

Business email for your domain

Looking professional matters, and that means communicating as [email protected] Gmail’s simple, powerful features help you build your brand while getting more done.

Access from any location or device

Check email, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings, and more whether you’re at work, at home, or in transit. You can pick up where you left off from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Enterprise-level management tools

Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more. Your data always belongs to you, and it goes with you if you switch solutions.

Google Workspace Affiliate Income Programs

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2. Grammarly

Professional Communication For Your Team

With Grammarly Business, every member of your team can compose credible, mistake-free writing that makes your business look good.

Get Grammarly Business

Your Writing Reflects Your Business

Every email, web page, and social media post makes an impression on your customers.
With Grammarly, you can be confident it’s the right impression.

Go Beyond Spelling and Grammar

High-quality writing is more than just mechanics. Grammarly Business goes deeper with real-time suggestions for improving readability, word choice, writing style, and tone.




Appropriate tone

Align Your Team With Your Company’s Style

With Grammarly Business, you can create a company style guide to keep every team member’s communication clear and on-brand.

Works Where Your Team Does

Grammarly integrates seamlessly with your workflows across platforms and devices.




Designed for Teams

Easily manage your team account and allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of Grammarly Premium.

Privacy and Security


Centralized Billing

Controls and Analytics

Your Words and Data Are Safe

Help Your Team Do Better Work

Get started today and instantly elevate the writing skills of your entire team.

Get Grammarly Business now!

3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus, the world’s most trusted WordPress backup, restore and clone plugin.

Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your WordPress site.

That’s why you need UpdraftPlus. Keep your WordPress site safe.

Install now! (Free or Premium)

Updraft Plus Full Features Affiliate Income Programs

Trusted by over 3 million WordPress sites.

Why choose UpdraftPlus?




UpdraftPlus do for Both Free and Premium:


Set schedules


The additional benefits of Premium:

Cloning and migration

Incremental backups

Fast, personal support

Pre-update backups

Backup non-WordPress files and databases

Network / multisite

Backup time and scheduling

More database options



Lock settings

Run from WP-CLI

No ads

Install now! (Free or Premium)

Updraft Plus Remote Storage Affiliate Income Programs

Backup to remote storage locations:

Both Free and Premium

To avoid server-wide risks, always backup to remote cloud storage.

UpdraftPlus offers the widest range of remote storage options of any WordPress backup plugin:


Google Drive

Amazon S3


One Drive




Install now! (Free or Premium)

Updraft Plus Choose Remote Storage Location Affiliate Income Programs

Protect your site with the World’s most trusted backup plugin

Other plugins crafted by the Updraft


Keep your database fast and efficient.


Manage multiple WordPress sites from one central dashboard.

Easy Updates Manager

Keep your WordPress site up to date and bug free. 

Install now! (Free or Premium)

4. AppSumo

You’re never paying full price for software again.

AppSumo will send you the hottest deals straight to your inbox so you’re always in on the best-kept software secrets.

Black Friday 2020 Deals


15 of AppSumo’s best deals are now available for a FULL BLACK FRIDAY WEEK.

App Sumo Black Friday Deals 2020 Affiliate Income Programs

Deals will be live from 11/22//20 7:00pm CST – 11/30/20 11:00pm CST.

Don’t miss these biggest deals!

Grab these game-changing tools now!

7443 752794 Affiliate Income Programs

What AppSumo Do

They find and partner with the hottest tech companies.

They run insane deals on their products.

You save thousands of dollars.

Hustle with Confidence

Try any product risk free.

World-class customer support.

Access to founders and CEOs.

7443 752802 Affiliate Income Programs

Sign Up! They will send you the hottest deals straight to your inbox so you’re always in on the best-kept software secrets.

Send Me Deals

AppSumo is the #1 marketplace for curated SaaS tools, educational content, and small business resources.

Trusted by the best in the industry

They have promoted over 1,000 products, generating millions of dollars in revenue for their community of partners.

Some of the Best products are here:


Better Watch Out

Monitor any webpage for visual, content, and technology changes to keep an eye on competitors.

Hexowatch lets you effortlessly monitor competitor webpages for changes in visuals, keywords, source code, prices, and more.

Get lifetime access to Hexowatch today!

You’ll get nine different monitoring options with Hexowatch.

7443 939122 Affiliate Income Programs

Each option can be selected from the easy-to-understand interface, with a quick description of what each monitoring option does.

All you need to do is add the URL and select which changes you’d like to track, and Hexowatch is on it like AirPods on millennials.

By default Hexowatch checks pages as a desktop computer with a large screen, but you can also specify one of seven device sizes from mobile to desktop for the visual monitor.

Hexowatch even integrates with email, Slack, Telegram, Google Sheets, Integrately, and Zapier to blend easily into your ecosystem!

7443 939127 Affiliate Income Programs

It’s not easy keeping up with all of your competitors (not to mention which memes the kids are using these days).

That’s why Hexowatch automates the process with options for visual, content, HTML, keyword, WHOIS, and technology monitoring, giving you all the insights with none of the work.

This is your chance to finally get back to focusing on your own business, instead of everyone else’s.

Get lifetime access to Hexowatch today!

Swipe Pages

Stick the Landing

Create professional-quality, instantly loading landing pages with no coding required.

Swipe Pages is an AMP page builder that lets you create amazing, fast-loading landing pages that are optimized for all devices without writing any code.

Swipe Pages gives you over 40 beautiful templates that are optimized for conversions and customizable with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Choose from over 20 advanced modules to turn any landing page idea into reality and publish it to your domain with just one click.

Get access to Swipe Pages today!

7443 927085 Affiliate Income Programs

Whether you need to promote a limited time offer, launch new products, educate potential customers, or capture new leads, Swipe Pages has you covered.

All landing pages are hosted in Swipe Pages’s powerful and secure cloud, so you never have to worry about losing data.

Add text fields, toggles, checkboxes, and more to get all the information you need.

Swipe Pages’ powerful form builder tool lets you transform longer or more complicated forms into multi-step forms to encourage even more users to become lifelong customers.

Plus, with Zapier and native integrations, all your leads can be easily transferred to your CRM or email marketing software.

7443 927090 Affiliate Income Programs

Swipe Pages offers built-in A/B testing to run experiments on landing page performance.

The built-in conversion tracking and analytics features make it easy to measure your campaign performance and see the ROI in action

Don’t compromise when it comes to landing page speed and design.

Go beyond the #basic with analytics, dynamic text, and professional templates.

With Swipe Pages, you can create fully responsive, lightning fast AMP landing pages with absolutely no coding required.

Get access to Swipe Pages today!

Wave Video

Ride the Wave

A full-featured video editing suite with stock assets, templates, and agile hosting. lets you easily create videos with hundreds of templates and +200 million media assets, plus offers reliable hosting for your marketing campaigns. lets you get started super quickly over 1,000 predesigned video templates.

The templates come in multiple formats with handy filters that help you select the best fit for your industry or occasion.

Get lifetime access to now!

7443 944125 Affiliate Income Programs

Swap the sample footage with your own or browse from over 200 million stock assets to find the perfect match.

After that, simply apply your own brand colors, fonts, logos, and graphics, and your video is ready to go!

Choose from collages, frames, color gradients, borders, and more to give your videos that professional edge.

You can even add animated text and GIFs to catch viewers’ attention—plus, these layouts are perfect for sparking your own content ideas, too.

As a bonus, you’ll also gain access to the user-friendly Animatron Studio software to add fun banners or include animated videos that are sure to keep viewers hooked.

Every video you create with gets its own landing page, too.

7443 944155 Affiliate Income Programs

You can customize the landing pages for eye-catching elements and add headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action for better conversions.

Your content will be front and center with no random ads or suggested videos stealing your shine.

Add Google ID or Facebook Pixel to track your results, and you’re ready to go. lets you incorporate your awesome new videos to your email campaigns, too.

You need videos for your marketing campaigns, but low-quality efforts just won’t do (much like your infamous DIY ceiling fan incident). gives you hundreds of templates, millions of media assets, and customizable landing pages for top-tier videos with way less effort.

Sit back and give your marketing campaigns that extra boost.

Get lifetime access to now!


Serp’s Up

Advanced SEO tracking for detailed data on clients and competitors

SerpWatch tracks SEO rankings with keyword monitoring and data cross-referencing that includes revenue, featured snippets, and Google Analytics.

This is where you can compare search rankings to featured snippets, revenue reports, Google Analytics, and SERP features.

Get lifetime access to SerpWatch today!

7443 916773 Affiliate Income Programs

You’ll also find the top 10 results for every keyword tracked and stored, letting you keep an eye on your competitors.

All this information lets you figure out what’s working (and what needs work) to boost your rankings and get the jump on the competition.

SerpWatch keeps track of your keywords, so you don’t have to.

You’ll get email and Slack notifications to stay on top of keyword movement.

Plus, the Zapier integration lets you interface with over 1,500 applications to make sure you never miss that golden moment when you go number 1.

7443 916769 Affiliate Income Programs

SerpWatch offers a step-up from PDFs with white-labeled client portals, which gives instant access to reports any time clients like.

You’ll be able to verify your search rankings with screenshots from the last 10 days, so there’s never any doubt you’re on top of things.

Simply click the “open screenshot” command from the ranking chart, and it’s all right there for you.

SerpWatch tracks your keywords, compiles your data, and monitors your competitors, all while giving clients instant access to white-labeled reports.

Take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Get lifetime access to SerpWatch today!


Fancy Airmeeting You Here

Host interactive virtual events with a suite of tools to network and build connections

Airmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive virtual events and offer real networking opportunities for participants.

Networking is what really sets Airmeet apart from the competition.

Get lifetime access to Airmeet today!

7443 941884 Affiliate Income Programs

Participants will have access to a social lounge that features virtual tables of up to 8 members, plus the host.

You can join any table you like, with the option to switch between tables at your discretion.

There’s also a speed networking lobby where participants are matched for quick conversations of one to five minutes, creating an easy ice-breaker for larger events.

Anyone at the table can screen share, text chat, and hang out in more personal groups to foster genuine connections.

It’s a great way to separate into break-out groups or talk about specific topics to hone in on what’s important to your participants.

The live stage offers not only public chat, questions, and upvotes, but also lets participants raise their digital hand and join the speakers onstage themselves, once approved.

7443 941887 Affiliate Income Programs

The host can also invite any of the participants to the stage and designate them as a speaker, with all the same privileges as the other speakers.

Plus, emoji reactions from the audience let you know how you’re doing.

The dashboard lets you manage registration, integrate with social streaming services, add sponsor branding, and more.

Everything is laid out with simple formatting to get you set up to run your first event in no time!

Airmeet gives you a versatile digital platform to host interactive events that actually keep participants engaged, plus lets them network and build bonds for a fulfilling experience.

Your next successful event is waiting.

Get lifetime access to Airmeet today!

WP 301 Redirects

Somebody Call 301

Automatically fix overlooked SEO issues, redirections, and 404 errors with one easy-to-use tool.

WP 301 Redirects lets you set up automatic redirects for posts and pages, manage affiliate links, and control all your sites from a centralized dashboard.

Whether you build sites for a living or you’re just getting started, mistakes happen—someone deletes a post or a page disappears off the site.

Get free access to WP 301 Redirects today!

7443 927494 Affiliate Income Programs

With WP 301 Redirects, you’ll rest assured that broken URLs won’t make you lose visitors to competitor pages (or have to start packing up your desk).

The tool automatically redirects incorrect links to the right page on your site, so your visitors won’t be lost out in cyberspace.

If someone is looking for your site but misspells the URL, they’ll still get to the awesome content on your page instead of the dreaded 404 page.

Install the WP 301 Redirects plugin and all those mistyped URLs will be automatically redirected to the page with a similar URL.

Just find the pages you want to redirect, add the unique destination URL, and the powerful plugin will take care of the rest!

Set up redirects instead of rebuilding all your URLs, so site visitors don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You can also use redirects to hide extra-long links or clean up affiliate links to make sure you’re actually driving traffic to your site.

7443 927497 Affiliate Income Programs

The WP 301 Redirects dashboard shows you where your users are coming from, how many redirects happen each day, which browser visitors are using, and more!

You can even export branded PDF reports to send to clients and show off all your hard work on fixing errors for their site.

The dashboard displays the logs and stats for all the sites you manage under one roof in an easily accessible format.

You can remotely monitor sites’ redirect and 404 logs, plus correct any issues without having to log in to individual sites.

A 404 error or broken link can ruin your site’s SEO rankings and your day.

And if you accidentally share a link with an error in it in an email or on social media, it’s game over.

Thanks to WP 301 Redirects, typos in URLS, outdated links, and old pages don’t have to cost you traffic and potential customers.

Get free access to WP 301 Redirects today!


Packaging Tape

The Complete Package

Design unique custom packaging tape to add branding and pizzazz to all of your shipments

Sticker Mule Packaging Tape lets you add your custom design to high-quality, water-activated tape so all your packages stand out.

Getting your design on the eco-friendly packaging tape is made easy by Sticker Mule’s intuitive setup.

All you need to do is upload your design, then Sticker Mule will send you an online proof within four hours to see how your tape will look when it’s brightening up your packages.

stickermule packaging tape Affiliate Income Programs

Just upload your logo and Sticker Mule’s team will create a seamless design for you.

Enjoy custom tape with vibrant colors that showcase your brand and add a unique flair to packages!

At 2.8 inches wide and 100 feet long, each roll of the packaging tape is ready to seal and lock down over 30 packages.

Designing your own packaging tape is a great way to boost brand recognition, add extra personality, and make every parcel feel like a present.

So make your packages extra merry this holiday season.

Buy now for $9.00 One-time Purchase

Get Sticker Mule Packaging Tape today!


Jolly Good Crello

Speed up the design process with thousands of ready-made templates and easy editing features.

Crello Pro is an easy-to-use online design editor with thousands of ready-made, customizable templates and millions of high-quality photos, videos, and designs.

7443 844272 Affiliate Income Programs

Crello Pro makes it easy to be proud of the content your business publishes every day.

From graphics to video, you can design professional content that looks stunning across all your customer touchpoints.

Don’t drag your feet. Drag-and-drop your next eye-catching design.

Get lifetime access now!


A Breath of Fresh Air

Create visual magic with premium, inclusive vectors and templates from the world’s most diverse stock asset library

If you’re looking for stunning stock assets that actually represent the diverse world we live in, look no further.

FreshStock is an asset library with the most diverse collection of premium, curated stock vectors and templates created by world-class artists.

FreshStock was created with diversity in mind, giving you access to inclusive stock vectors and templates that reflect the real world.

Get lifetime access to FreshStock today!

7443 903003 Affiliate Income Programs

With a flat-rate subscription and unlimited downloads, you can get high-qualityfully customizable assets for all your creative projects.

Plus, with original artwork created by amazing artists, your visuals are ready to dazzle and delight.

FreshStock publishes new vectors and templates every week, so you know the content is always fresh (see what we did there?).

You can download the source file for the vector or template that fits your needs and customize it to align with your brand, product, or campaign.

You can search for assets based on theme, asset type, topic, and more!

Save your favorite assets to collections and easily find the right vectors for future campaigns.

Get lifetime access to FreshStock today!

7443 903001 Affiliate Income Programs

FreshStock gives you access to premium assets that are fully editable as part of your subscription, so you can always get the precise design elements you need.

Stop digging through stock libraries that charge per image and offer the same stale vectors and templates.

If you want astounding images that don’t look like they belong to a corporate retreat poster from 1998, FreshStock has your back.

It’s time to create content that resonates with your customers and showcases the beauty in diversity.

Get lifetime access to FreshStock today!


Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans.

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

You create great content, let SendFox do the rest.

7443 682990 Affiliate Income Programs

Designed specifically for content creators, SendFox helps you cover all the important marketing bases from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations.

Build simple, branded emails and landing pages to grow your business and easily track performance all in one easy-to-use platform.

Get access to SendFox today!


Publer Defender

Create, schedule, and analyze all your social media posts

Publer is a social media marketing tool that lets you create, schedule, and analyze all your posts, plus collaborate with team members.

Whether you’re a digital marketing team or one person doing the work of an entire digital marketing team (#StartupLife), social media can be a real time sink.

7443 808658 Affiliate Income Programs

Why waste time duplicating a post across all your social channels, only to do the same thing a few hours later for the next post?

Publer lets you schedule content, follow it up, and analyze your strategies—all automatically.

Get lifetime access today!


Finders Keepers

Scale lead generation by finding, verifying, and contacting leads with one tool

FindThatLead is a sales prospecting tool that lets you easily search, save, and verify potential customers.

7443 786263 Affiliate Income Programs

FindThatLead feels your pain and wants to make your prospecting life more manageable.

So get lifetime access to this multi-purpose prospecting tool while you can!

Start using FindThatLead now!


Look Alive With LiveWebinar

Get more out of meetings with an advanced, versatile webinar platform

LiveWebinar lets you create professional presentations to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and engage with customers.

7443 792843 Affiliate Income Programs

LiveWebinar is perfect for driven sales professionals and marketers who want to generate more leads and engage current customers.

Make your meetings and webinars more exciting and effective with high-quality presentations, tools to drive engagement, and automated integrations.

Get locked in discounted access to LiveWebinar for a year now!


Duty Calls

Receive calls from anyone, anywhere, and at any time with one click

Clickacall is a tool that lets you receive voice and video calls from anywhere with only a link—no downloads or signups required.

7443 850210 Affiliate Income Programs

Say goodbye to downloads, sign-ups, and installs when you say hello to Clickacall.

One link is all you need to stay in touch with customers.

Get lifetime access to Clickacall today!


Poppin’ Podcasts

Instantly turn your WordPress articles into podcasts with no mics or studios involved.

BuildBubbles is a tool that lets WordPress bloggers turn written content into high-quality podcasts without any mics or studios.

7443 862253 Affiliate Income Programs

Get professional audio processing and metadata tagging straight out of the box!

You’ll get professional templates, audio processing, a customizable audio player, and auto RSS feed generation to get your podcast out there.

Buy now! and Get Started


Frase the Bar

Use advanced AI to quickly create SEO-focused content that answers visitors’ questions

Frase is an AI-powered tool that identifies the questions your audience is asking and creates detailed content briefs for answer-focused, SEO-friendly content.

7443 868503 Affiliate Income Programs

Frase tells you where you need to focus your content, quickly generates detailed briefs, then helps you optimize material for articles that your audience actually wants to read.

Let us re-Frase that: what are you waiting for?

Get lifetime access to Frase today!


Pixlr Perfect

One-click editing for professional quality images without the learning curve

7443 877674 Affiliate Income Programs

Pixlr is an intuitive online photo editor that uses AI-powered tools for quick and easy professional designs and edits.

In today’s digital age, image is everything.

But those MS Paintbrush strokes and clip art aren’t doing your rich content any justice.

7443 877672 Affiliate Income Programs

Pixlr makes it a breeze to create eye-catching visuals that turn heads and convert clients — without the time, hassle, and price tag of Photoshop.

Get lifetime access today!


Get your Fleeq On

Create shareable videos in minutes with Fleeq

Fleeq lets you quickly create bite-sized training videos, so you can improve remote communication and increase team efficiency.

Say goodbye to video creation frustration, because Fleeq has changed the way videos are made.

All you have to do to is take a screenshot, click on a specific section, add a description, and repeat.

7443 886672 Affiliate Income Programs

You can keep videos on brand with full control of all branding aspects, including color, logo, custom domain, Favicon, and much more.

Once you’re done, it will auto-magically turn into a live interactive video — let’s call ’em fleeqs.

From there, you can take your fleeq to the next level with multilingual narrationdifferent vocalsgendersaccents, and much more!

Get lifetime access to Fleeq now!

Fleeq works where you work.

Thanks to the Fleeq chrome extension, you can add fleeqs directly from your Gmail compose windowZendesk ticket reply message boxor in an intercom interaction.

Offline and still need to access your Fleeq? Not a problem.

You can export your fleeqs in MP4 and GIF formats!

7443 886670 Affiliate Income Programs

There’s no getting around it. You need video to communicate.

And when you add Fleeq to your arsenal, you can easily create videos for HR, customer support, technical marketing, and so much more.

Stop fumbling through the video creation process.

Get lifetime access to Fleeq now!


Your Missing Linq

More streams, more views, and more reach with one platform

Videolinq is a powerful video streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple social media platforms and websites.

Get lifetime access today!

7443 905918 Affiliate Income Programs

With Videolinq, it’s never been easier to deliver engaging live content to multiple social platforms and sites simultaneously.

To get started, connect with a webcam or hardware/software media encoder, select your destinations (yes, plural), and hit Go Live!

Multi-streaming capabilities let you broadcast to up to 25 social media platforms and streaming video service providers.

After the watch party, get insights on your performance and track viewer engagement across all platforms.

With Videolinq, you can livestream to 20+ platforms at once, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

Videolinq integrates with 1CapApp technology to support real-time closed captioning on your live videos.

7443 905922 Affiliate Income Programs

Adding subtitles makes your videos more accessible to a broader audience and helps viewers comprehend your content better.

The key to growing your audience is to widen your reach. (Promising free tacos doesn’t hurt either.)

So, why limit yourself to one livestream when you could be everywhere at once?

Multiply your streams and your viewers with Videolinq.

Get lifetime access today!


Go BIGVU or Go Home

Your personal TV studio, featuring a professional teleprompter, captions, and editing

BIGVU is a comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content.

7443 887057 Affiliate Income Programs

Ready to start making pro videos? Great!

All you need is a teleprompter, music, captions, editing software, and an unwavering commitment to learning all of those processes.

Oof. Yeah… it’s a lot.

Luckily, you can get all of that functionality, plus team collaboration, in one dynamic tool.

Time to do it BIGVU.

7443 887064 Affiliate Income Programs

Start with the teleprompter feature, which will keep you focused on your camera for concise, engaging narration.

You can control the scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure, as well as adjust the lighting to make your setup perfect.

The teleprompter app is available on both iOS and Android devices, so you’ll be good to go no matter which side of the smartphone spectrum you fall on.

Just because your film crew consists of a smartphone tripod and your tabby cat doesn’t mean that you can’t crank out professional videos.

BIGVU lets you take your operation big time with a teleprompter, green screen replacement, motion titling, and automatic captions, plus cloud editing and remote collaboration features.

With a tool like this, you could just be the next BIG thing.

Get lifetime access to BIGVU today!


Pix of the Bunch

Amp up your marketing with professional-quality graphics, logos, and animations

PixTeller offers easy-to-use tools and an extensive library of templates, photos, and fonts, so you can create professional, custom graphics and animated videos.

With PixTeller, you can easily create custom logos, gifs, ads flyers, and more for all your business needs.

Jumpstart your design with pre-made templates and an easy-to-use photo editor, all available on the PixTeller platform.

The best part? No design experience or software downloads required.

Get access to PixTeller today!

7443 883092 Affiliate Income Programs

PixTeller boasts a massive library of over 1,500,000 photos and illustrations, and 100,000+ shapes to choose from.

You can also upload your own photos and images to create the collateral you need for advertising, events, and social media.

Easily edit photos for flyers, invitations, or social media posts and create animated videos, ad banners, and GIFs in one place with PixTeller’s browser-based platform.

Professional layouts and photo editing tools let you crop, adjust hue and saturation, and apply effects to your photos in just a few clicks.

7443 883089 Affiliate Income Programs

If you’re creating logos or graphics for your website, you’ll want the most professional look — Pixteller lets you easily make the background for your designs transparent.

No more messy backgrounds or DIY cropping!

Luckily, it doesn’t take expensive software or extensive technical know-how to make stunning professional logos, gifs, and graphics.

Jump right into amazing graphics with an easy-to-use platform that helps you do it all.

Get access to PixTeller today!

5. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is the marketplace where you can buy everything you need to create a website. Hundreds of independent developers sell their products through them for you to be able to create your unique project.

56K+ Digital Products

Top-quality designs

24/7 general assistance chat

Pre-sales chat agents ready to help

TM Studio services at best prices

Up to 65% commissions for authors

600dc76e Affiliate Income ProgramsAffiliate Income Programs


Your Ultimate Web Development Kit

27K+ premium items

Unlimited downloads

Simple commercial license

Technical support and product updates

Up to 50% off TemplateMonster exclusive items

Get Started. Get it now

Temple Monster One Affiliate Income Programs

57,939 Website Templates, Plugins and Graphics


Check the hottest website designs of the week. These rising stars are worth your attention.


Top Website templates with the highest sales volume.


Look through the best website designs hand-picked by our expert review team.


Meet our newbies! The latest website templates uploaded to the marketplace.

Getting perfect scores since 2002

We helped 2 million customers to build beautiful websites!

Temple Monster Banner Affiliate Income Programs


They Love WordPress

Ecommerce Is their Passion

Breathtaking Graphics & Presentations

In a word, TemplateMonster digital marketplace features all that you need to launch a unique and competitive web project. Browse the collection of their website designs, CMS and eCommerce themes, as well as stunning graphics to choose items that will be the perfect fit for your projects.

Get Started. Get it now


WordPress Themes

HTML5 Site Templates

WooCommerce Themes

Shopify Themes

Powerpoint Templates

PSD Templates

Joomla Templates

Landing Page Templates

Newsletter Templates

Magento Themes

Prestashop Themes

Get Started. Get it now

6. vidIQ

vidIQ help you grow on YouTube by providing you with the right tools to get more views and subscribers!

vidIQ is the ultimate growth tool for YouTube creators.

How To Get More Views on YouTube

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Best of breed tools meet best in class strategy.

Maximize your organic reach.

Build brand awareness and improve recall.

Gain unparalleled Insights.

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Maximize Your Video’s Organic Reach


Keyword Tools

Boost What’s Working

Channel Audit Tool

Beat the Competition

Competitors Tool

Compare View Velocity

Compare Views

See What’s Trending on YouTube

Trend Alerts

Most Viewed

YouTube Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

Thumbnail Generator

Celebrate Your YouTube Wins!


Real Time Statistics Bar

Their mission is to help your brand leverage and strategy to master your video marketing initiatives and grow a loyal audience of consumers.

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7. Unbounce

Unbounce helps marketers like you convert more visitors into leads, signups, and sales.

15,000+ marketers use their platform to convert more every day.

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Unbounce Affiliate Income Programs

Landing pages, popups, and sticky bars that work for:


Launch Lead-Gen Campaigns Fast—No Developer Required


Get More Sales with Landing Pages That Are Built to Convert

Marketing Agencies

Results That’ll Make Your Clients Say “Whoa”

Everything Else

Create Landing Pages That Look As Good As You Dreamed ‘Em Up

What You Get with Unbounce:

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Popups & Sticky Bars

Integrations & Connections

100+ Templates

Community & Support

AI-Powered Optimization & Testing

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All Plans include:

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Popups

Unlimited Sticky Bars

Loads of conversions and one-on-one training

Plus personalized onboarding, page migration, and ongoing support from a dedicated team of conversion experts.

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8. ActiveCampaign

100,000+ businesses choose ActiveCampaign to grow.

Try ActiveCampaign today for free

No credit card required. 14 day trial. Instant setup.

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Customer Experience Automation

Do more than automate your email — activate your entire customer experience

ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

Reach & Engage

Nurture & Educate

Convert & Close

Support & Grow

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LearnMoreA Affiliate Income Programs

One-on-one training, free migration, and a helping hand whenever you need it

Send exactly what your contacts want

Automation gives you back your time

Sales automation helps you sell more

Message your customers when it matters most

It doesn’t stop at Email Marketing…

They are constantly refining their product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.

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Team up with your favourite apps

100,000+ businesses choose ActiveCampaign to grow

See it for yourself. Let’s get to work.

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9. GetResponse

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing!

Powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing.

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Marketing Automation

Conversion Funnels

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Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Inbound marketing solutions for what you need to do

Grow your audience

Engage with customers

Sell your knowledge

Boost online sales

Personalized tools for who you are


Online marketer

Marketing manager

Large companies

Unbeatable price for all-in-one marketing software

Join the 100,000+ businesses already growing with them

They are a global marketing software company, empowering you to run your business with the online marketing tools that you need. Take the next step forward and join the thousands of businesses growing by engaging audiences online everywhere.

Ultimate Lead Gen

Their Customer Success Team is always there for you.

GDPR compliant.

Are you ready to get your business growing?

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10. AWeber

Run your business – leave the email marketing to them.

Powerfully-simple email marketing designed to help your small business grow – now for free.

Introducing AWeber’s new free plan:

Email marketing


Landing pages

Sign up forms


24/7 Customer Solutions

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Their mission: deliver powerfully-simple email marketing for small businesses that does 90% of the work for you. They leave 10% for you to have fun!




All the features you need, from day one.

Complete account migration, fast and 100% free.

Subscribers, tags, templates, sign up forms, campaigns, landing pages, and more! Let their experts do the work for you!

Awesome Results with AWeber.

For over 20 years, AWeber has helped over 1,000,000 small businesses grow faster with email marketing.

They are here to help everyone – 24/7.

Get product and marketing support 24/7 from their Pennsylvania headquarters.

Need help getting started? Want to move your list over from another vendor? Just have a general question about email marketing or their services?

No problem. Their live team of customer solutions specialists are here to help you from their headquarters in Pennsylvania – 24/7.

Get Started with AWeber Free

AWeber Free delivers powerfully-simple, industry-leading features at no cost to you. That’s right – no credit card and no payment – ever – with AWeber Free. Get started for free today.

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11. Moosend

The All-in-One Marketing Platform Your Business Deserves

From beginner to pro, destined to grow.

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Email Marketing

All The Benefits Of Email Marketing Minus The Coding

Marketing Automation

Let Your Business Sell Itself

Email Personalization

Highly Personalized Emails That Stimulate Their Clicking Instincts

Landing Pages

Create Beautiful Landing Pages in a Blink of an Eye

Subscription Forms

Fuel continued list growth with the right template

Start for Free today

Great emails don’t need luck. Only powerful features.

Advanced List Segmentation

Powerful Real-time Analytics

Custom Opt-in Forms

Pre-built Workflow Templates

Your Favourite Apps Will Follow – No Coding Required

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Always There For You

They handhold you through marketing excellence. Get immediate, quality support and guidance on any issue.

Live Customer Support

Knowledge Base

Video Tutorials

Professional Marketing Campaigns Made Simple.

Say goodbye to expensive and clunky platforms by joining them!

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12. Scribe

A Scribe Called Quest

Customizable email signatures with banners and CTAs for better marketing

You want a sign-off that increases brand awareness, boosts your marketing campaigns, and saves you the shame of misspelling your own name.

Now there’s a way to nail every signature, even when the seasons and holidays change.

Say hello to Scribe.

7443 889994 Affiliate Income Programs

Scribe is a tool that lets you add CTAs and promotional banners in every email signature for more effective branding and campaigns.

Get those email recipients clicking with effective calls-to-action (CTAs).

Scribe has CTAs built into the signature templates, so all you have to do is add a title and a link.

Promotional banners are just as easy.

Just upload your image and add a link to take your audience on a magical journey to your marketing channels.

7443 889997 Affiliate Income Programs

Plus, G-Suite users can automatically update their signatures with the scheduled information to streamline the entire process.

You can check how many people saw your shiny new signature versus how many of them engaged with it.

Plus, DNS integration lets you send images using your own domain, increasing deliverability.

Scribe gives you customizable CTAs and banners right in your sign-offs, plus the analytics to track and improve campaigns.

Throw in a scheduling feature for less holiday stress, and you’ve got one tool you absolutely can’t miss.

Get lifetime access to Scribe today!

13. Leadpages 

More Like a Business Partner than a Platform

Discover Leadpages The easiest, most effective way to sell your services online: easily build code-free websites, high-converting landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond.

You have never experienced Tech Support like ours.

Join 40,000 people who use Leadpages to turn an idea into income.

What makes Leadpages different?

Conversion-optimized (everything)

Unlimited leads, publishing, and traffic

No tech skills required

Lead magnet hosting & delivery

Rapid page load speed


5673 485095 Affiliate Income Programs

The Smartest Way to Sell Your Services Online!

Create Your Online Presence – Code-free web publishing

Collect Qualified Leads – Conversion-optimized everything

Grow Your Business – Online payments & integrated tools

Trusted by 40,000+ small business owners!

Build Before You Buy. Try Leadpages Free for 14 Days

Experience what makes Leadpages the go-to-choice for growing businesses around the world when you start your risk-free 14-day trial.

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14. AWeber 

Build Landing Pages

Grow your business with the powerful landing page builder from AWeber.

Features designed to enable everyone to build visually-stunning landing pages.

Start your free trial and begin building beautiful landing pages and sending awesome emails with AWeber today!

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15. Brizy

Easy. Peasy. Brizy.

Create high converting websites and landing pages in a breeze

Brizy is a website and landing page builder that helps you create fast, high-quality websites to collect leads and convert more clients.

With Brizy’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create unlimited professional landing pages that connect with your audience, collect leads, and convert clients.

7443 778442 Affiliate Income Programs

Brizy makes designing high-quality websites—yeah, you guessed it—a breeze thanks to its intuitive interface and library of pre-made blocks and layouts.

Fast, beautiful and professional landing pages in minutes. It’s just what the client ordered.

Start from scratch to create your very own, unique landing page or choose from 150+ designer-made layouts.

Use the drag-and-drop tool to customize any design to your industry, campaign, or conversion goal (lead generation or click-through).

There’s no reason to fiddle around with those other clunky landing page builders anymore.

Not when Brizy makes it simple to create high-performing landing pages like the pro your client already thinks you are.

Get lifetime access today!

7443 778441 Affiliate Income Programs

16. Nextiva

Rated best business phone system by U.S. News.

A modern business phone system for enabling remote teams. Work from anywhere with Nextiva.

Most reliable network

Video & audio conferencing

Mobile & desktop app

Chat & screen sharing

Work from anywhere.

Experience the shift to Connected Communication.

Make and receive calls on your computer or mobile phone with VoIP.

Nextiva’s mobile app keeps you connected when you’re away from your office phone — or replaces your desk phone entirely.

Get Started

medium rectangle Affiliate Income Programs

Nextiva Inbox: Phone, email, SMS, and live chat in one place

Nextiva Business Phone Software: connected to NextOS

Nextiva Call Pop: with customer insights

Nextiva App: to communicate anywhere

Explore their features.

It’s everything you need in a business phone system.

Work from anywhere.

The best phone software for everyone.

Small businesses & enterprises.

Need local phone lines or a toll-free number?

They’ve got you covered. With essential features like call recording, call forwarding, and their smartphone app, take your business to the cloud.

Need unbeatable reliability, call encryption, and advanced features?

Nextiva’s powerful VoIP system has your business needs covered with multiple data centers throughout the country.

Get Started

mobile leaderboard Affiliate Income Programs

Communication tools to work from anywhere.

Business Phone Service

Sales CRM

Helpdesk CRM

Virtual Call Center

The most trusted and successful brands use Nextiva.

Become a Better Business

Nextiva is shaping the future of growth for all businesses. Start learning how your business can take everything to the next level.

Get Started now!

17. RightMessage

People are different. Why isn’t your website?

RightMessage makes it easier than ever to deliver the “right message, to the right person, at the right time.” Whether personalizing sales pages or hiding your opt-in forms from returning leads or customers, if you can point-and-click you can personalize.

Try for Free

Generate more leads.

Turn more leads into customers.

Survey / Quiz your audience.

Increase Ad conversions.

Segment your email list.

Personalize sales pages.

Personalize any content, on any website.

Right Message Affiliate Income Programs

Point-and-click personalize any and all content on your website: headlines, copy, images, and more. Zero code required.

Personalized marketing is the future. And it’s easier than you think to get started

Customer journeys, not forms.

Ditch “form overload” in favour of journeys for each visitor, subscriber, and customer.

Templates make it simple to get started.

RightMessage works on any website

No matter what your website is built in or where you host it, RightMessage works by just adding a single line of JavaScript code to your site’s template. While it won’t slow down your website, it will help you increase conversions and sales.

Better understand your audience

Dig into who’s converting (and who isn’t), and get a big picture understanding of who your audience is and what they need.

Integrates with your email database

See how RightMessage can help you.

Try for free now!

18. Tidio 

You just found a better way to connect with your customers

Join 300 000+ websites using Tidio – Live Chat boosted with Bots – to increase sales by skyrocketing customer engagement.

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Try it out

Live Chat + Bots. Grow your sales.

Communicate faster than ever.

Dozens of chatbots and automations. Ready to use.


5d5abb9b3d996 Affiliate Income Programs

Never leave your customer without an answer.

Be the company your customers will love.

Try it out

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19. ConversioBot

Increase Website Sales!

Transform Your Website into an Automated Leads & Sales Bot

You Don’t Need Any Special Skills Or Experience To Use This
Revolutionary “AI” Technology To Get Leads, Sales & Profit Starting Today!

Automatically Generate Massive Numbers Of Quality Leads!

Works For Huge Range Of Businesses

Full Commercial License With PRO Version!

Special Limited-Time Offer:

Get ConversioBot for a low, One-time Payment

Lock-in One-time deal before it expires.

Copy And Paste ONE Line Of “Automated Bot Code” To Any Website Or Blog.

And exploit a NEW “AI” Technology similar to that used by HUGE companies.

It’s also fully integrated with Marketing Automation services

It’s also integrated with 1,300+ Apps through ZAPIER.

And it works in any language!

“Did You Know That By The End Of This Year A Staggering 85% Of Customer Interactions Will Be With Bots!”

That’s because of the rise of a powerful New “AI Technology”

You might have heard about Chatbots on major news hannels like CNN and Fox News.

The Future Of Automated Website Conversions Is Finally Here!

The ONLY Chatbot built for Small Business owners who want to:

Build an Email List quickly.

And Explode Their Sales With Just ONE line of code.

100% Newbie Friendly “Push Button” Technology

Works On ANY Website

Zero Special Skills Or Education Needed

No Outsourcing Or Employees Required

Includes 10 Done-For-You “AI” Chat Templates

Includes FULL Commercial License With PRO Version

Special Limited-Time Offer:

Get ConversioBot for a low, One-time Payment

Lock-in One-time deal before it expires.

done for you Affiliate Income Programs

ConversioBot Uses NEW “AI” Technology That Works on ANY Type Of Website.

Affiliate Review Sites

List-Building Pages

WordPress Blogs

Sales Letters

Dropshipping Sites

eCommerce Stores

Local Business Sites

Webinar Registration Pages

Consultancy Websites

It’s As Simple As 1, 2, 3…

Just swipe one of our Done-For-You “AI Chat” Templates.

Then Click to generate a Line of Chatbot code.

And finally Copy and Paste the code onto Your Website

Sit back and watch as ConversioBot Runs Hands-Free, 24/7.

It’s “AI” Technology similar to that used by BILLION dollar companies.


You DON’T NEED any special skills or knowledge to profit from ConversioBot.

Lock-in One-time deal before it expires.


Get ConversioBot LITE now! One-time Payment. Special Limited –time Offer.

Get ConversioBot PRO now! One-time Payment. Special Limited –time Offer.

You’re Fully Protected By their No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Get In At The Lowest Price Possible Whilst You Still Can.

And Get Ready To Transform Your Website Into A Sales And List-Building Bot!

Secure your license of ConversioBot and Start Getting Results Today.

You DON’T NEED any special skills or knowledge to profit from ConversioBot.

Get It now and Get Started!

20. Continually

Take the Lead

Engage visitors, book meetings, and capture leads with live chat and bots

Continually helps you capture customer leads, automate scheduling, and keep visitors engaged with chatbots.

Continually makes it easy to set up automatic responses or full convos when you’re AFK with the help of easy-to-build chatbots — simply drag and drop conversation snippets to map out your desired sequence of responses.

7443 846114 Affiliate Income Programs

You’ll also be able to customize when your bot welcome message appears, e.g. when the page loads or on a time delay.

Create multiple bots as unique as your visitors — you can have a pricing bot, a bot for key landing pages, a bot for newsletter subscriptions, and a bot for each salesperson to set up meetings (a taco-feeding bot is still in the works).

Your bots will be able to recognize repeat visitors and incorporate user responses into the chat — they’re gifted that way.

Continually lets you receive notifications through Slack and email, and then preview and test your bots before they go live.

The tool helps track visitor engagement stats for your bots through Google Analytics with at-a-glance displays so you can see detailed lead profiles, then filter and export the data.

7443 846116 Affiliate Income Programs

These rich customer profiles can even automatically pull in personal info like social media accounts.

Continually also lets you create bots and see leads for sub-accounts. (Sub-accounts will only see their data.)

Solve two of your biggest problems by automating with Continually.

Grab lifetime access to Continually now!

21. databox

Do you know how your business performed today?

databox pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time.

Get databox Free

Pull all of your KPIs into one place.

View all of your performance data in one place so you can spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights. Mix and match metrics from different sources in one Databoard and get a more complete view of your performance at a glance.

Build your own dashboards, no coding required

With their DIY Dashboard Designer, anyone can pull the metrics they need, visualize KPIs in a variety of ways, and build beautiful dashboards – no code or design skills necessary.

1000s of Digital Marketing Agencies are tracking performance with databox.

Set measurable goals and track your progress

Get performance alerts & recommendations when they matter most

Easily calculate important business KPIs

Get your most important KPIs delivered to you

Anyone can make performance more predictable

databox is built to make performance insights more accessible for every company. They also have features and programs designed to help agencies deliver more predictable preformance for every client.

Browse more dashboard templates from their most popular integrations

All templates are created by certified experts, so you can leverage their knowledge to build comprehensive reports quickly.

Start visualizing your performance in minutes

Connect your data and start visualizing your performance in minutes


22. Termly

#1 Compliance Solution for Small Business 

Need compliance solutions, but don’t want to spend thousands in legal fees? Termly’s compliance suite can help you stay up to date and compliant with privacy laws like the GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Regulation, and more — for FREE

10463 683661 Affiliate Income Programs

Legal Protection You Can Trust 

Comes With Everything You Need Out of the Box

Comprehensive Legal Policies

Easy Consent Management

US / EU Privacy Law Coverage

10463 683660 Affiliate Income Programs

Features That Make Compliance a Breeze 

Explore All of Their Compliance Solutions

10463 704470 Affiliate Income Programs

Cookie Consent Manager

Terms and Conditions Generator

Privacy Policy Generator

Disclaimer Generator

Refund and Return Policy Generator

Ready to protect your Business?

Sign Up now!

10463 704461 Affiliate Income Programs

23. WordAi

Automatically create human quality content with WordAi

WordAi uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer! Sign up now and get unlimited human quality content at your fingertips!

Join them for your Free 3 Day Trial

WordAi Affiliate Income Programs

WordAi Automatically Rewrites Entire Sentences and Paragraphs

WordAi’s Brain Understands Concepts and Ideas

WordAi Understands That Words Have Different Meanings.

And it picks the right one!

Sign up NOW with their 3 Day FREE Trial

WordAi is Good at automatically rewriting text.

Here are just a few more features in WordAi Version 4

WordAi Version 4 is lightning fast

WordAi Version 4 supports HTML

Super intelligent title spinning

Import content with Article Forge

Paragraph and list spinning

Bulk spinning

Improve quality with Perfect Tense

Supports four languages

WordAi 1 Affiliate Income Programs

There is Absolutely No Risk to Sign Up.

WordAi is Completely Free to Try and You Can Cancel Your Account at Any Time!

Sign Up for your 3 Day Risk Free Trial

24. Cuelinks

Start Monetising Your Content.

Start driving more Traffic.

Start engaging your visitors.

Start using Cuelinks!

Affiliate Marketing – Over 20000+ Publishers trust Cuelinks for monetising their content.

Merchants – Advertise your Products and Services with a well-targeted audience!

Publishers – Leverage your Content. Build a business on your passion. Refer & Earn more with Publishers Referral Program!

Join the world-class Publisher Network now and Start Earning!

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